Open Clinic Hours

❧ 3rd Thursdays, 8:30PM - 11:30PM EDT (Balmung)
❧ Location: The Goblet - Ward 9 - Plot 35 (North Subdivision!)

Staff will be on hand treat any and all walk-in medical cases and matters pertaining to personal wellness, as well as booking future appointments for more in depth exams, counseling, and spa treatments. We will also have staff available to discuss volunteer and employment opportunities to interested parties.

Our open kitchen will be serving supper for those in need of a hot meal and a moment’s respite from the desert’s heat. Self care packages are also available.

We are first and foremost a charitable organization; no one will ever be turned away based on an inability to pay. Donations of gil, supplies, or time are always welcome, but not required to receive treatment.

Our open hours are for all. The clinic aims to help all Eorzeans, regardless of circumstance or affiliation, and serves as neutral ground for those on the premises. Weaponry is permitted, but those causing any sort of conflict or disruption will be asked to leave immediately.

Our staff will ask ‘what’ happened in order to provide the most accurate care possible, but will exercise discretion and refrain from prying into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ should it be so desired. Anonymity can be assured, if so required.

Heavy RP-FC - FFXIV - Balmung
The Ashen Clinic: Goblet - Ward 9 - Plot 35

Just past the winding avenues where the showstopping homes of renowned adventurers and Ul'dahn socialites glimmer like jewels in the desert, there’s a lane overlooked. Has it always been there? At the end of this crooked path stands a curiosity of a manor, as though Ishgardian sensibility has been carved from Thanalan sandstone.

It certainly isn’t the sort of place one finds unless they know what to look for.

Greenery abounds, taking cues from the natural oasis it is lofted above; a shady, quiet respite from the desert heat. There’s something decidedly nondescript but cozy about this place, something that feels like home to those in need of sanctuary and safehaven.

OOC: It is easy to assume that a Free Company based around the tenants and aspirations of helping others is a strictly Lawful Good organization, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the Ashen Enclave.

While we ask that our members strive to do their best by and to help others, we also understand that the best characters are multifaceted and sometimes complicated creations with their own strengths, flaws, and at times contradictory goals. RP is at its most interesting when one is able to explore and express those things – and the possible ramifications that may have for one’s character.

Our ideal is to, simply put, have good intentions. Our members strive to do their best, and “doing good for others” can take a whole lot of different forms.

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